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You might be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of redesigning your courses so swiftly, as UM need to implement a comprehensive online teaching and learning mode for the upcoming semester.

We are doing our best to provide guidance and support on how you can start moving to online teaching for a short period of time. One of the best way is to keep it simple and start with what you’re familiar with. For instance, utilize our Learning Management System (LMS), SPeCTRUM rather than trying a new tool unfamiliar to you.

SPeCTRUM has some of the amazing features you can use for your online teaching. Explore your SPeCTRUM today and check out the guidelines available below fro some of the features available in SPeCTRUM.

Guideline and Manuals:

Guideline on Online Final Exam

New SPeCTRUM Roadshow (ppt)

How to restore content from old spectrum

How to add participants

How to restrict access to activity or resources

How to QR Code Attendance (Lecturer)

How to QR Code Attendance (Student)

How to increase file upload size

Workshop: How can I make reviewing anonymous?

Empty backup file

Last Update: 30/11/2022