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On this page, we shared videos by expertise on online teaching and learning for your reference. Kindly email to adec@um.edu.my if you want to share your own videos.

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Title : Challenge-based Tasks for Online Learning

Title : Teaching Using WhatsApp/Telegram during COVID-19

Title : Google Meet for Remote and online learning

Title : How to Host a Live Event using Microsoft Team

Title : Group Assignment in Google Classroom

Title : Best Practices For Moving Your Teaching And Training Online

Title : Record and Export Your Powerpoint Presentation (Part 1)

Title : Record and Export Your Powerpoint Presentation (Part 2)

Title : Creating a Lesson in WhatsApp or Telegram

Title : Online Class - Some Ideas for Interactive Activities

Title : Pengajaran e-Clinical

Title : Alat dan aplikasi yang boleh digunakan untuk video

Title : Learner Empowerment during ERT 

Title : Video Demonstration for Practical Assessment 

Title : Effective Assessment 

Title: WooClap: An Interactive Platform That Ames Learning Awesome

Teaching & Learning Delivery in COVID 19 Pandemic Insights from Malaysian Public Universities - 11 November 2020

Enabling Teaching and Learning with Microsoft Teams - 19 November 2020 - Mr. Rafiq Asyraf

Turnitin Training for Academician - 30 November 2020 - Dr. Zahiruddin Fitri Abu Hassan

Part 1

Part 2

Workforce Performance Skills - Mr. Nadzrin Wahab - 4  Disember 2020

Part 1

Part 2

Empathetic Online Assessment - Associate Prof. Dr. Mohammad Tazli Azizan - 3 June 2020

Dealing with Alternative Assessment - 4 June 2020 - Associate Prof. Dr. Aishah Abu Bakar

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