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Student Powered e-Collaboration Transforming UM or SPeCTRUM is the official Learning Management System used by the students and lecturers of Universiti Malaya. It is a Moodle-based system providing learning activities, tools and collaborative spaces for students engagement. 

Below are some of the most common questions received on the usage of SPeCTRUM. 

Please take note that these are the FAQ of SPeCTRUM usage for Lecturers. If you are a student and you have a trouble with your SPeCTRUM, kindly submit a helpdesk report at helpdesk.um.edu.my or refer to your faculty for assist. 



Can I delete everything from the previous semester in Course Page when new semester starts?

Yes you can. Previous contents, including Attendance and Quiz results are stored in SPeCTRUM Achieve prior to the start of a new semester. Take note NOT TO DELETE any content prior to the start of the new semester. Alternatively, you can perform a BACKUP prior to any deletion and RESTORE if needed.

I have registered/been assigned for a course, SIC9999, but the course is not displayed when I logged in to SPeCTRUM.

The LMS systems regularly import information from MAYA at midnight. If you have just completed course registration in MAYA, there will be a delay for you to see the recently added course. If you require an immediate update you need to use the "Fetch from MAYA" button.

I have been assigned by my PTj to be an instructor of a course but the course is not visible in my SPeCTRUM portal.

Refer to the answer for Question 2 above. If you still cannot see your course after 24 hours, please confirm your course assignment with your PTj THEN with ADEC if not resolved.


How do I use/prepare student’s attendance on SPeCTRUM?

You may watch a tutorial provided by Dr. Hadi at bit.ly/40Ij60y

Can I use the old Attendance that I have created in the previous semester, for my current semester?

Yes you could use the old “activity or resource” attendance link. However, you will need to add/change the dates of your lectures.

Will the list of students for that attendance be updated?

The students or participants will be automatically updated. As of March 2023, the list will be updated from Maya daily at midnight. Should your list not updated, please inform ADEC.


Can I delete the announcements that I have made for the last semester?

You can delete the old announcement and other things that are not related to tidy up your coursepage.

No notifications via emails are sent out from the announcements/messages done in the announcement top section.

To ensure your message is sent out without delay, please TICK the option "Send forum post notification with no editing-time delay". This option is viewable under the "Advanced" button.

Quiz & Assignment

Can I reuse the old Quiz I created in the previous semester, for my current semester?

Yes you can. Take note to edit the submission time and other timing related configurations within the Quiz/Assignment settings.

Student’s status maintains as "in progress" although the exam has ended.

Please submit a helpdesk to ADEC/PTM request to help you solve this issue

While the exam is in progress, some answers to exam questions that were saved are missing (blank answers)

The LMS system is set to periodically save (every minute) all written answers. However, if a student's internet is unstable and intermittent, the answer may be lost during computer-server communication. We suggest all lecturers to organize a mock exam prior to the real exam using SPeCTRUMExam LMS session.

Last Update: 29/03/2023